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One Of A Kind.

One Of A Kind.

Put your best, most authentic self forward everyday! Do not be afraid to show your beautiful personality. We are all one of a kind, let's celebrate that! 

Tips For A Great Shopping Experience!

Tips For A Great Shopping Experience!

At 30 Church Women's Clothing we want you to enjoy shopping with us!

We want the entire experience to be pleasant and successful, and we want you to feel amazing and confident when you leave the store!

No matter if you're shopping for a formal dress, a work outfit or a casual top for the weekends.

We want to see you standing tall, smiling big and seeing how beautiful you truly are! 

Take a peek below at some of our top tips for a great shopping experience! 

Once you have found "it," never let it go...

Have you ever looked at a woman and just been in awe? It seems like some women just have "it," regardless of what they have on...

A woman came into the store recently and as soon as I laid eyes on her, my jaw dropped. She was not dressed in anything fancy or particularly original, she had no make-up on, and her hair was cut in a simple fashion. She was wearing simple casual shorts and a stylish but simple top, with lightly adorned sandals. Even her jewelry was simple.


The Power of the Bra!

Here at 30 Church Women's Clothing we love women's bodies. All women's bodies. And we know that the shape of any body can be enhanced by the right outfit. No matter what you think of your figure, we know that there are styles and designs that will make you feel beautiful.

That said, no matter how gorgeous a piece a woman wears on the outside, her whole outfit can be sabotaged by the wrong undergarment. It's true. Ever wonder why some days you look in the mirror and it seems like all your lumps and...

What does it mean to be a woman???

Deanne and I (Holly) were chatting the other day about this question and thought it might be a neat conversation starter blog post. As you read my thoughts on the question, think about it from your own perspective and maybe even share your thoughts. Let’s agree right off the bat that we won’t likely have the same views, however. Being a woman is a very personal and individual experience on which I certainly do not profess to hold any authority! (Nor do I intend to get political on the subject…)

To me, in...